How to Use Your Money Anxiety to Your Advantage

Another busy news cycle last week. Some of the biggest news coming from the Senate and the passing of its income tax bill (albeit in the middle of the night with hand-written amendments).  I’m not going to break down the consequences of the proposal until, and if, we get a final bill that is signed by the President. However, if you’re looking for some details on the Senate provisions, check out Kelly Phillips Erb’s comparison of the House and Senate bills and Tony Nitti’s insights on some winners and losers of the Senate bill.

I’ve offered a bit of a different perspective on I wanted to focus on using the anxiety you might feel at the moment to your advantage. We all feel anxiety, especially when it comes to our money. Times like this, when our emotional brain takes over, make it tough to keep events in perspective. It’s easy to get stressed out, which can make us react in ways that hurt our health and wealth.

That’s why I don’t subscribe to the theory that we should take emotion out of money. Emotions show up whether we like it or not. Instead of denying them, we should embrace our humanness and plan accordingly. So I offer three tips on how you can do just that. You can read more on

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