Why I love Money And Why You Should Too

I love money.

I know it sounds a little crass and not the type of thing that you hear most people say, but it’s the truth.  I love it.  

I love it for the opportunities it provides, the experiences it can help create, and above all, the change it can bring.

The past few weeks we’ve seen just how big of a role money can play in decisions that affect everyone.

Until last Wednesday, the Arizona government could have enacted a law that would give business owners the right to refuse to serve gay and lesbian patrons based on “their religious beliefs.” And despite the law’s obvious flaws in its scope and potential for mass discrimination, it was a stroke of a pen away from becoming reality.

What stopped it? Money. 

Arizona business leaders pressured Governor Jan Brewer to veto the bill because it would be a financial disaster for the state and would harm its reputation. The Hispanic National Bar Association canceled plans to hold its annual convention of 2,000 lawyers there next year. The National Football League, which is planning to hold the Super Bowl there, actively explored other options. Even companies like Apple, American Airlines, and Intel threatened to withdraw business from the state if the measure became law.

And in the end, money won out.

Of course I’m making light of what could potentially be a serious problem when a small percentage of people hold most of the money. My overarching point is that we can still band together and use our money to create great change. Through your money and spending decisions you can spur the progress you want see, whether it’s buying the jersey of a newly out pro athlete, refusing to shop in a state that openly supports discrimination, or getting married in a state that recognizes your marriage when the state you live in doesn’t.

How you manage and use your money is becoming more important than ever. So make sure you use it to work for you.