Why Podcasts Are Public Relations

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Why Podcasts Are Public Relations

Happy Friday, everyone!

Another insightful Mission Driven Business podcast this week. I chat with Jeremy Ryan Slate, founder of the Create Your Own Life Podcast, which studies the highest performers in the world. He specializes in using podcasting and new media to create thought leaders, and his podcast was ranked No. 1 in the iTunes business category and No. 78 in the top 100.

In the episode, Jeremy shares his journey from getting a master’s degree in ancient history to becoming a brand expert. In addition, the episode provides a lot of practical advice for building successful businesses, including how to maximize the link between public relations, marketing, and sales.


Episode Highlights

Mission-driven businesses ask: What is the impact?

Although Jeremy knows businesses must make money, he says mission-driven businesses think more about their impact on their communities and the world.

“What is the impact we’re trying to make?” Jeremy said. “I look at it as a ripple effect. I can only help so many people, but the more people they help — that’s what impact looks like.”


Getting what you want takes effort.

One of Jeremy’s biggest lessons as an entrepreneur is the amount of effort it takes to reach success. When Jeremy started creating podcasts, that meant learning new skills and getting good at phone calls. It also meant outworking his competition.

“Early on, I realized I may not have the best training; I may not have the most money; I may not have the most opportunities, but I can outwork anybody,” Jeremy said. “So that was the thing I did early on. How can I outwork people until I learn how to build a team?”


Podcasts are not marketing — they’re public relations.

One common misconception that Jeremy has brushed up against in his years of podcasting experience is that podcasts are a marketing tool. Instead, he makes a compelling case that podcasts instead fall under the scope of public relations.

“Going on a podcast … you’re communicating to people,” he said. “You could be getting 500 sales leads, but if they don’t know you, like you, and trust you, they’re never going to convert.”

Jeremy believes so strongly in the value of podcasting as public relations that he and his wife started podcast public relations firm Command Your Brand. Through the company, Jeremy helps entrepreneurs get their message out by appearing as guests on other podcasts.

“The media landscape moves so fast,” Jeremy said. “There’s so much content out there. If you do not tell your own story, you’re going to get drowned out; you’re not going to be found.”


Quote of the Week

“There’s so much content out there. If you do not tell your own story, you’re going to get drowned out; you’re not going to be found.” – Jeremy Ryan Slate


Task of the Week

Have you thought about the link and differences between public relations, marketing, and sales? Listen to Jeremy’s thoughts on that in this episode and assess which part of the chain your business needs to shore up.


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