What You Need to Know About Tax Reform: Best Reads

It appears we are on the cusp of major tax reform. This week, Congress passed the “final” GOP tax bill and President Trumped signed it into law on Friday.  I’ve read countless articles on this big moment and wanted to provide a summary of the best ones that I’ve found so you can keep informed as things change.

Kelly Phillips Erb of Forbes offers a simple breakdown of the new changes.

NPR gives a chart that compares the current law with the potential new one.

The Upshot on NYTimes allows you to calculate whether your taxes will go up or down.

Tony Nitty of Forbes highlights who’s happy and who’s not with the new law.

And I explain how the bill changes AMT and what that means for you.

Thanks to this new law, you’ll see some significant changes come your way in 2018. I’ll make sure to keep you up to date and ready for what’s to come.