What Would You Do If You Won the Lottery?

Question of the Week

What Would You Do If You Won the Lottery?

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you had a lovely week.

You’ve likely heard that the Mega Millions Lottery is up to $660,000,000 this week. Naturally, many people get nutty when the jackpots get big like this. But, despite knowing I’m likely not going to win, I love to play the big ones and go through the exercise of thinking about what I would do with the money.

It’s an experiment in dreaming big and thinking about what money can do for you. One of my core beliefs is that money is a tool to help you live the life you want. So it’s essential that you think about what that life would look like.

My clients and I also go through this exercise when completing the Kinder Questions or figuring out their ideal day/week/year. I find a lot of power in envisioning what you’d want your life to look like if you had all the money you needed now and in the future. It also guides you on what you can do and shoot for now.

I especially love going through this exercise with someone else. My partner and I played the game together, and I found out about some dreams of his that I hadn’t known about yet. So even if you don’t win, going through this experiment can give you more insight into yourself and the people around you.


Quote of the Week

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.” — Ayn Rand


Task of the Week

This weekend I want you to dream big. Whether by yourself or with someone else, think about what it would look like if you win Mega Millions this weekend. (Maybe buy a ticket or two!)

I’ll do the math for you to get you started. If you one the $660,000,000, took the lump sum payout, and paid your taxes, you’d have about $268,000,000 left.

What would you buy? What would you do? Who would you share it with? Let go and describe a life that is richly yours. I’d love to hear about what you come up with. You can contact me at the links below.