Owning Your Legacy

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Owning Your Legacy

Happy Friday, all!

We dropped a super fun and insightful Mission Driven Business podcast this week. I chatted with professional basketball player-turned-entrepreneur Jori Davis. Jori started her professional career in the WNBA with the Indiana Fever. Her decade-long global basketball career spanned six countries and sparked her desire to help other elite athletes own their legacy.

Jori’s new venture, Wevolv, builds on her passion for empowering global athletes by creating a decentralized platform for international athletes to manage their careers and lifestyles. In the episode, Jori discusses what motivates her as an athlete and business owner. She also opens up about some of the barriers modern athletes face and how her company tries to overcome them.


Episode Highlights

Mission-driven businesses have soul.


A mission-driven business goes beyond just having a purpose but drives straight into the heart and soul of the founder, Jori said. By starting with the soul and a struggle, a founder and company get the energy and grit to do something most others wouldn’t or couldn’t.

“It’s impossible for you to just walk away from,” Jori said. “That’s when you find a mission-driven business.”

For Jori, that mission is to build a community of athletes that have an opportunity of ownership and force the industry to shift with the needs of athletes. However, that also puts her on the opposing side of powerful forces.

“Do I get a little nervous? Yes, because I know what people are capable of when it comes to money, greed, and having power,” she said. “It scares me that I will lose touch or get blinded as I’m trying to navigate these waters.”


Stay humble but confident.

One of Jori’s greatest strengths is finding common ground with people from totally different backgrounds while still staying true to herself. She attributes her ability to blend humility and confidence to her strong New Orleans roots. As she has traveled around the world, she has learned that not everyone knows her hometown community’s genuine, unconditional love, so she’s consciously shown kindness to others even when it’s hard.

“I felt it was my duty, no matter where I go, to allow someone to experience that love despite it being hard,” she said. “I might not get it returned, but that’s okay because I have enough.”


Detach when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

When Jori was younger, her stepfather would help her try and see a new perspective by encouraging her to imagine her mind detaching from her body and looking down at herself from above. Now that she’s a business owner, she finds taking a similar 360-degree view helpful for finding clarity.



Quote of the Week

“Literally imagine the people involved. Pay attention to what they’re paying attention to, like the pieces on a chessboard. Really conceptualize the whole element, then come back to your vision and what you’re doing today.” – Jori Davis


Task of the Week

If you haven’t listened to Jori’s episode, take 40 minutes this weekend to do so. You’ll be glad you did. You can also learn more about Jori at the links below.