Disrupting the Status Quo

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Disrupting the Status Quo

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone!

I had a pinch-me moment with this last MDB Podcast. I chatted with serial entrepreneur, social innovator, and author Miki Agrawal. As the founder of disruptive ventures Tushy, Thinx, and Wild, Miki is known for challenging the status quo and driving cultural change. She is also the author of best-selling books Do Cool Sh*t and Disrupt-Her.

In the episode, Miki dives deep into her experience building multiple 100-million-dollar businesses. She also shares her questions before starting a new business and how some of her most challenging times have led to growth.


Episode Highlights

Mission-driven businesses do well and good.

Miki defines a mission-driven business as a company that does good and well simultaneously. As a member of a board on conscious capitalism, she’s witnessed how companies that create socially conscious business models perform better financially, too.

“It’s a company that looks at the stakeholders versus just the shareholders,” Miki said. “Having not just a revenue-focused target but also an impact target is important.”


Three questions to ask before starting a business.

Before she starts a new business, Miki asks herself three questions:

  1. What sucks in my world?
  2. Does it suck for a lot of people?
  3. Can I be passionate about it for a really long time?

“There’s a saying that it takes ten years to be an overnight success,” Miki said. “When I think about starting Tushy or Thinx or Wild, they are all things I could be really passionate about for a really long time.”


90% of success is action.

Miki likes the saying that 90% of working out is putting on your running shoes and walking out the door. She attributes a similar action-first mindset to success in business, too. If you’re inspired and take action, you may end up somewhere miraculous.

“If you have an idea in your head, take the first step,” she said. “Talk is cheap. Action speaks louder than words.”


Question everything.

Miki attributes her success to her desire to creatively solve problems to the best of her ability. She also credits her culturally diverse upbringing in French Canada, where she grew up with a Japanese mother and Indian father in a Hindu-Buddhist household.


Quote of the Week

“When you don’t conform, you get to really question everything. And when you get to question everything, you invent new possibilities.” – Miki Agrawal


Task of the Week

Don’t. Miss. This. Episode! I had such a fun time talking with Miki. You can also learn more about Miki and her businesses in the links below.