The Secret Behind My Investing Strategy

I couldn’t end a week getting back to investing without revisiting one of my favorite posts that I’ve written so far on the topic. It gives a fundamental understanding of what investing is and also talks about my investing strategy. It’s great for novice and experienced investors alike.

Happy Weekend!

Brian Thompson Financial:

I have to say, I love blogging so far. Musing on money has provided a very therapeutic and enjoyable analytic exercise.  One of my coworkers asked if I trouble have finding topics to write about. I don’t.  Since the personal finance world touches so many topics and plays such a prevalent role in my life, I simply write about whatever topic presents itself.  Recently I’ve had a mish mash of investing questions and work-related investing issues.  So this week I want to talk a little about investing.

When I was studying for the CFP exam, investing was the most intimidating of the six core financial planning topics – principles/fundamentals, insurance, investing, income tax, retirement, and estate planning. I found it so daunting because of the vast amounts of information that existed and how seemingly complex and intricate the investing universe seemed.

After reading several books and taking some investing courses, I’ve begun to really like the investing world. The more I read, the simpler investing became. Eventually, I developed a good sense what investment strategy appealed to me the most.

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