I’m Engaged!


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Mine was busy, fun, stressful, and exciting wrapped into one. I ate quite a bit, helped chop some firewood, and got engaged!

Ben has always wanted to get married and has never been shy about saying so. I wasn’t convinced it was necessary because we couldn’t receive any federal or state benefits or protections. But as I said at the outset of my blog, the federal government recognizing same-sex marriages inspired me to reconsider my position. And with Illinois following suit a few months later, I figured it was time.

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So I’ll be away from the blog for a little bit…gonna go get married!

In celebration of my and Ben’s wedding weekend, I wanted to reblog our engagement story. 

It’s starting to sink in that this is really happening.

Looking forward to seeing some of you soon and sharing the stories from the weekend with all of you.