The Simple Step You Should Take to Improve Your Health and Wealth

In my effort to rejuvenate my mind and body this week, I’ve made sure to get to the gym right after work, took in a concert with my husband, and plan to spend the weekend geeking out at the c2e2 conference.

I’ve also taken some time to express gratitude for the people, experiences, and other things in my life.  I first got hooked on the benefits of expressing gratitude a decade ago when learning about Oprah’s gratitude journal. Since then, I’ve noticed the concept coming up everywhere, including helping to improve your relationships, health, and wealth.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you should.  Take a few minutes, right now, to reflect on five things you should be thankful for. Here are five of mine:

1.     Being able to push my body to its limit when I work out

2.     Hanging out in the city on a weeknight with my husband

3.     Loving the place that I live

4.     Having a job that affords me the opportunities to take time off to enjoy life

5.     Friends that help me out and encourage me when I start a new project

Try doing the exercise at least once a week. If you’re really motivated, try writing down five different things everyday.  You’ll find that this simple step can help cultivate more joy and satisfaction than you ever realized.