My Love Letter to Suze Orman

Many of you have likely heard that Suze Orman will end her show on CNBC on March 28th. Those that know me, tease me about my love for her. In my view, her show ending ranks as high as Oprah’s last hurrah on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Suze has gotten a bum wrap from some people for giving “bubble gum” financial advice that only serves the masses. I think that criticism is way off, and I want to explain how she has inspired me and helped paved the way for the life that I have today.

I first started watching Suze in 2003, when I realized that I would have to pay back my $166,000 in law school student loans. Ben got me Suze’s The Road to Wealth PBS videotape (yes, videotape) and that started a long love affair with Suze.

I’ve watched her shows religiously, read her books, and listened to her podcasts on my way to work. She has inspired me to become a Tax Attorney and Certified Financial Planner, focusing on giving financial advice in my clients’ best interest, rather than trying to sell them products.

I met Suze (and KT!) in 2005 when Young, Fabulous, & Broke came out. I got my copy autographed and asked her about my student loans. She fiercely looked me in the eye and told me to get rid of my private student loans as fast as I could. 

Ten years later my private loans are gone, my husband and I have a Will and Trust thanks to her kit, and we’ve purchased our first home after having the wedding of our dreams.

I can honestly say that I’m standing in my truth and living the life that I want because of the path Suze has trailblazed. She broke the mold on what financial advisors should look like (formerly old, white, straight men) and made taking care of your money cool.

I hope to be half of the light Suze has been in the world and want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for what she has done.