More Equifax Resources

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with the Equifax breach, and I’m still getting questions about best practices. Keep them coming! I love hearing your thoughts and fears about what’s happening.

The big news this week was Equifax Chairman and CEO Richard F. Smith stepping down. His “retirement” is effective immediately. Not sure this move will diminish the fears and anxiety around the breach, but it may give some solace that someone will pay for this colossal mistake.

Since I know the breach is still fresh on your mind, I want to provide some more resources that might help ease your anxiety.

Ron Lieber is still writing great stuff, especially when it comes to the vulnerability and resentment many of us feel from the breach.

Michelle Singletary of The Washington Post details her struggles signing up for Equifax’s free credit monitoring service.

Krebs on Security offers some in-depth analysis on what you need to know about the breach.

And for you tax nerds, here’s an article from The San Francisco Chronicle that discusses the affect the breach could have on the IRS.

Also make sure to check out my tips for navigating the breach and my primer on credit fundamentals.

As always, feel free to shoot me any questions, comments or concerns that come up for you. You can contact me at the links below.