What You Should Know About Your Income Tax Return

Income tax preparation has kicked into full gear at the office. I went in both Saturday and Sunday to stay top of managing everything that we have going on right now. A lot of friends and family have also put in their requests to have their returns done.  

As stressful as this time is, I enjoy the excitement and adrenaline that it brings. I’m reminded why I love what I do and how important of a role we play in helping our clients. I also love being able to help out the people closest to me with the knowledge that I have. And now I get to share it with you!

Whether you’re having a professional prepare your return or taking it on yourself, I want to share the fundamental things that you ought to know about your income tax return. I’ve created a five part series that splits the return into manageable segments.  I hope it gives you some confidence in filing your return as we go into the final month before the deadline.