Friendly, flexible and always fee-only.

My firm provides financial planning in which you use your money to increase your sense of financial well-being and life satisfaction. We focus on your money serving the life you need and want now, as well as the life you want and need in the future.

This comprehensive care model involves a much more intense and hands on approach for those with complex financial lives and a need for more in-depth management and accountability. The cost for this service is based on a combination of .5% of your total net worth and 1% of adjusted gross income (AGI), with a minimum annual fee of $6,000, debited monthly or quarterly, in advance. For business owners, the cost is based on complexity taking into account revenue, assets and employees, also with a minimum annual fee of $6,000 (your cost is also tax deductible).

Pricing is designed to facilitate great client outcomes and to avoid conflicts of interest. Additionally, my goal is always to provide value greatly in excess of your investment. We will manage transitions, implement complex solutions and capture opportunities as they come up.

Check out the Process tab to get an overview of how the process works and the benefits of each step.

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